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Differing is an adjective that implies dissimilarity or contrast. There are several synonyms that can be used to replace the word differing. Such synonyms include varying, divergent, distinct, disparate, discrepant, and different. To signify a slight difference between two or more things, the word varying would be more appropriate. For things that are very dissimilar, the word divergent would be used. Distinct is a synonym that implies uniqueness, while disparate implies incongruity. Discrepant refers to a contradiction or inconsistency, and different signifies contrasting or non-identical features. In conclusion, synonyms for differing give writers the opportunity to add variety to their writing by using different words with similar meanings.

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Differing opinions can be a good thing, as long as everyone involved is reasonable and respects each other's right to have their own opinion. However, when different opinions turn into a battle, it can cause problems. Disputes between different groups of people can create tension and disagreements. When disagreements turn into aggression and hostility, it can lead to serious conflicts. It is important to remember that different opinions are not bad- they are simply different. We should not fight or argue with people who have different opinions, but instead try to understand why they hold these views. If we can accept and respect each other's differences, we will be able to build better relationships.

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