What is another word for etiolate?

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Etiolate is a term used to describe a plant that is deprived of light or grown in darkness. Its synonyms include weaken, debilitate, enervate, devitalize, enfeeble, and sap. These words imply a loss of strength, energy, or vitality, which is similar to the way in which etiolation affects plants. Other synonyms for etiolate include pale, blanche, bleach, fade, and whiten. These words describe a loss of color or vibrancy, which is also a result of etiolation. So whether you're talking about plants or people, there are many words that describe the effects of being deprived of light and energy.

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What are the opposite words for etiolate?

Etiolate, meaning to become pale or feeble, can have many antonyms, including bloom, flourish, strengthen, or invigorate. These antonyms perfectly capture the opposite meaning of the word, as they all connote an increase in vitality, growth, and strength. Instead of etiolating, to bloom is to thrive and develop, whereas to strengthen and invigorate is to increase and intensify. Flourish, a synonym for bloom, suggests doing well, prospering, and thriving. Overall, the antonyms of etiolate are a perfect contrast to the dull, weakened state that it represents, offering a range of vibrant and vitalizing alternatives.

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Usage examples for Etiolate

I can not believe that, to produce one roseate complexion, she must etiolate a thousand.
"The Book of Khalid"
Ameen Rihani

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