What is another word for corruptible?

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Corruptible is a term that describes something or someone that is susceptible to corruption or decay. Some synonyms for corruptible include fallible, vulnerable, weak, perishable, pliable, and malleable. The word fallible suggests that something or someone is capable of making mistakes, while vulnerable implies that they are susceptible to harm or attack. Weak is a term that can describe both physical and moral weaknesses, and perishable refers to things that are likely to decompose or decay. Pliable and malleable denote a malleable or flexible character that is easily influenced or shaped. All of these synonyms for corruptible emphasize its fragility and the need for diligence and vigilance against corruption.

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    How to use "Corruptible" in context?

    The word "corruptible" is derived from the Latin verb "corruptus" meaning "to be corrupted." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use of corruptible was in 1576. The word has been used in a number of ways, including as a noun meaning "a quality that makes something malleable or susceptible to corruption," and as an adjective meaning "capable of becoming corrupt." In general, corruptible things are those that are not impervious to damage or destruction, and can be easily affected or changed by outside forces. This can include individuals, organizations, or systems.

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