What is another word for commanding?

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"Commanding" is a word that describes something or someone with authority, presence, and control. There are several synonyms for this word, including dominant, influential, powerful, and authoritarian. These words capture the essence of a commanding personality or action. They evoke a sense of respect, admiration and sometimes fear. Other synonyms for "commanding" include compelling, intimidating, impressive, and influential. Such words can be used to describe a leader, a speaker, an athlete, or any situation where a dominant force is at play. Using synonyms helps add variety and nuance to language, allowing writers and speakers to express themselves more vividly and effectively.

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    Commanding somebody is a very important skill that a Leader must have. In order to be a strong Leader, one must be able to command their team and inspire them to achieve their goals. A good Leader commands respect and ensures that their team is working together as a cohesive unit. A good Leader is always putting the team first and ensuring that everyone is following the same set of guidelines.

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