What is another word for umpteen?

236 synonyms found


[ ʌmptˈiːn], [ ʌmptˈiːn], [ ʌ_m_p_t_ˈiː_n]

Related words: umpteen, dozen, lots of, a lot of, numerous, dozens of, numerous lots of, many

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    Synonyms for Umpteen:

    How to use "Umpteen" in context?

    If you talk about a million, then we're talking about umpteen. Umpteen is one of those words that sounds so big, but actually has a very small meaning. In fact, one million is barely enough to scratch the surface of this number. In order to truly appreciate the enormity of umpteen, you have to think about how many zeroes there are after the nine. That's right, there are nine zeroes after the nine in a billion.

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