What is another word for effuse?

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Effuse is a versatile word with multiple meanings. It can refer to a physical action, such as the release or discharge of a substance, or a more abstract concept, such as the expression of emotions or ideas. Some possible synonyms for effuse include spill, pour, discharge, exude, emit, radiate, gush, overflow, and express. These words all convey the idea of something flowing out of its source in a continuous, uncontrolled manner. Other synonyms for effuse that emphasize the emotional or verbal component of the word include express, articulate, communicate, voice, and convey. These words suggest the act of sharing one's feelings or thoughts with others in a heartfelt and genuine way.

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How to use "Effuse" in context?

Effuse (adj.)

1. thoroughly excited or enthusiastic; "the effusive greeting was typical of her"; "a moment of effusive joy"; "a fulsome apology"; "a lavish effusion of praise"; "a lavish display of the gifts he had brought for the baby"; "an effusive letter of thanks"

2. flowing freely and so abundantly as to be excessive in quantity or quality; "effusive applause"; "a flowing river"; "a profuse outpouring of tears"; "a fulsome apology"; "a lavish gift of flowers"

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