What is another word for proprietary?

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Proprietary is a term that refers to something that is exclusively owned or controlled by an individual or organization. There are several synonyms for the word proprietary, including copyrighted, patented and private. Other synonyms include exclusive, confidential and privileged. Proprietary can also be described as owned or controlled by a company or organization, with alternatives such as branded, trademarked or franchised. In the world of technology, proprietary software refers to code that is owned and controlled by a company, compared to open-source software which is free to access and modify by the public. There are many ways to describe something as proprietary depending on the context and industry.

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    "proprietary" means belonging exclusively to a given person, company or organization. It is a term that is used to describe something that is not available to the public. This word is often used in business to describe the difference between something that is made available to the public and something that is not.

    Proprietary goods are typically more expensive than those that are available to the public. This is because companies that make these goods are able to charge more for them because they know that only a select few people will be able to purchase them.

    Many businesses use proprietary software to manage their operations.

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