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Decant is a commonly used verb that means to carefully pour a liquid from one container to another, leaving any sediment or solid matter behind. If you want to avoiding repetition when writing, there are several synonyms for decant you can use instead. One option is the word pour, which carries the same general meaning but is a bit more versatile as it can be used for other kinds of substances, such as dry ingredients. Another option is to use the verb transfer, which also implies moving a substance from one place to another. A third synonym for decant is the word siphon, which means to extract liquid from one container to another using a tube and suction. Finally, you could use the word funnel as a synonym, which implies that the substance is being guided through a narrow opening.

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How to use "Decant" in context?

When you want to enjoy a wine after opening it, decanting it is a great way to do it. Decanting is the act of pouring wine out of its original bottle or container, into a smaller bottle or container of your choice. This allows the wine to breathe and aerate, which can give it added flavor and aromas.

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