What is another word for stick up?

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[ stˈɪk ˈʌp], [ stˈɪk ˈʌp], [ s_t_ˈɪ_k ˈʌ_p]

The phrase "stick up" can mean a robbery or hold-up with the use of a weapon, but it can also have other meanings. When used in a non-criminal context "stick up" can be replaced with the word "stand up," which refers to an object that is projecting straight up from a surface. For a more casual tone, you can use "jut out." You may also consider "lift up," "carry up," "raise up," or "prop up," depending on the context. In some cases, "stick up" can be replaced with more specific words such as "post," "pole," or "flagpole." Using synonyms like these can help you avoid repetition and more accurately convey your message.

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How to use "Stick up" in context?

It always surprises me when people who live in major cities think their neighborhoods are immune to crime. Sure, certain areas may be rated a little higher for crime than others, but most residents are unaware of the slang term "stick-up" that refers to a robbery.

Sticking up someone is similar to pulling off a heist. The robbers set up a scenario, usually in a public place, in which they demand money from the victim. It's generally a quick and easy crime, and Crimestoppers is always looking for potential stick-up victims.

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