What is another word for aggrandize?

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[ ɐɡɹˈanda͡ɪz], [ ɐɡɹˈanda‍ɪz], [ ɐ_ɡ_ɹ_ˈa_n_d_aɪ_z]

Aggrandize is a word that means to make something or someone appear greater or more powerful than they really are. Synonyms for aggrandize are words that carry a similar meaning, and these include words like elevate, enhance, magnify, amplify, glorify, boost, inflate, and exalt. In other words, to aggrandize is to exaggerate the importance or value of something, and this can be done in different ways such as through praising, promoting, highlighting achievements, or inflating one's ego. Using synonyms for aggrandize can help writers and speakers to convey their message more effectively while also expanding their vocabulary and expressing themselves with precision.

Synonyms for Aggrandize:

How to use "Aggrandize" in context?

When we aggrandize, we try to make ourselves look bigger and more important than we really are. We might exaggerate our accomplishments, or speak in an overly grandiose manner. In short, we're trying to put ourselves in a better light. Aggrandizing can be a helpful way to boost our self-esteem, but it can also backfire if it turns people off. So how do we know when to aggrandize and when to keep our mouth shut? Let's take a look.

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to aggrandizing.

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