What is another word for put by?

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[ pˌʊt bˈa͡ɪ], [ pˌʊt bˈa‍ɪ], [ p_ˌʊ_t b_ˈaɪ]

The phrase "put by" has several synonyms that have similar meanings, including store, save, set aside, reserve, stash, and stockpile. Each of these synonyms relates to the act of keeping something for future use. "Store" is a general term that refers to keeping something in a designated place for safekeeping. "Save" typically refers to putting money or other resources aside to be used later. "Set aside" suggests intentionally keeping something separate for a specific purpose. "Reserve" implies keeping something available for a particular use. "Stash" and "stockpile" both suggest accumulating a large quantity of something for future use.

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    Put by is a term used to describe animals that have been left to die by their owners, often due to financial reasons. An animal put by is not only neglected and in poor condition, but is also an animal that is at risk for euthanasia.

    The animal abandonment problem is a nationwide issue in the United States, with over two million animals euthanized each year due to abandonment.While people may justified abandoning animals due to financial reasons, thisFeatured Image , Regardless of the reasons, it is never ok to leave animals behind, put by or otherwise.

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