What is another word for cumulate?

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Cumulate is a verb that describes the action of gathering or accumulating things over a period of time to form a larger quantity or mass. Some synonyms for cumulate includes accumulate, amass, collect, hoard, stockpile, and pile up. These words can be used interchangeably in sentences such as "Over the years, John has accumulated a vast collection of rare books" or "The company has been stockpiling supplies in preparation for the upcoming project." The use of synonyms such as these can help to add variety and interest to writing, while still conveying the same meaning.

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    Cumulate is defined as to gather together or to accumulate, typically as a result of something being added. The word has a variety of uses, including in scientific and mathematical contexts. In mathematics, cumulate is used to describe a mathematical operation that returns a sum of its input values. In statistics, cumulation is a technique for analyzing data sets that are summarized into a cumulative distribution.

    In scientific contexts, cumulativity is the property of systems that describes how an addition of two small systems leads to a larger system. Additionally, cumulativity can be used to describe how different systems respond to varying amounts of input.

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