What is another word for cumulate?

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Cumulate is a verb that describes the action of gathering or accumulating things over a period of time to form a larger quantity or mass. Some synonyms for cumulate includes accumulate, amass, collect, hoard, stockpile, and pile up. These words can be used interchangeably in sentences such as "Over the years, John has accumulated a vast collection of rare books" or "The company has been stockpiling supplies in preparation for the upcoming project." The use of synonyms such as these can help to add variety and interest to writing, while still conveying the same meaning.

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    The word 'cumulate' means to gather, accumulate or amass something. Antonyms for 'cumulate' would be words that indicate dispersing, reducing or eliminating something. Examples of antonyms include words like dissipate, diminish, waste, lose, decimate, squander, exhaust, scatter, eliminate, and disperse. A person who is attempting to reduce clutter is using an antonym of 'cumulate' by trying to disperse or eliminate what they already have in order to avoid accumulating more. Similarly, a conservationist would aim to diminish the amount of waste being produced in order to disperse the harmful effects of over-consumption. Antonyms can often help to provide a fuller understanding of a word by contrasting it with its opposite.

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    By this system a voter may cast as many votes for each of the candidates as he holds shares of stock, or he may distribute or cumulate his votes on a smaller number.
    "Putnam's Handy Law Book for the Layman"
    Albert Sidney Bolles

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