What is another word for twiddle?

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Twiddle is a word that has several synonyms, each with its own connotation and usage. Among the most common synonyms for twiddle are fiddle, toy, tinker, and tamper. Fiddle suggests the act of adjusting or manipulating a small object, while toy conveys a sense of playfulness or unseriousness. Tinker implies a more purposeful and intensive alteration, while tamper suggests a meddling or interfering touch. Other synonyms for twiddle include jiggle, twist, turn, rotate, and tweak, each conveying a specific type of manipulation or adjustment. Whatever the context, the many synonyms for twiddle offer a wide range of expressive possibilities for conveying subtle distinctions of meaning.

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Antonyms for the word "twiddle" are the action of holding onto something firmly and not moving it, such as "fixing," "stabilizing," or "anchoring." Other antonyms could include words that suggest a lack of movement, such as "stillness," "immobility," or "inactivity." More active antonyms might be "fling," "hurl, "throw," or "cast," which all suggest a quick, powerful action rather than the slow, methodical movement implied by "twiddle." Ultimately, the antonyms for "twiddle" will depend on the specific context and the intended meaning of the word.

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Usage examples for Twiddle

I mean to say, he could sit in the boat 'ouse and twiddle 'is thumbs at the elements, sir.
"A Fool and His Money"
George Barr McCutcheon
I had a daughter once, for a few weeks, long enough to make me strangely fond of the responsibilities of a father; and then Karslake took her away, leaving me nothing to do with my life but twiddle futile thumbs and contemplate the approach of middle age.
"Alias The Lone Wolf"
Louis Joseph Vance
His head drooped lower-he began to twiddle the fob on his watch chain.
"Baby Mine"
Margaret Mayo

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