What is another word for vibe?

Pronunciation: [vˈa͡ɪb] (IPA)

Vibe is a commonly used term that refers to the energy or atmosphere of a place, situation or person. When describing a vibe, there are several synonyms that can be used to express the same concept. For example, atmosphere, ambience, feeling, aura, energy, and mood are just some of the synonyms for vibe. These words can be used interchangeably to describe the same thing. The vibe of a setting or experience can be positive, negative, calming, energizing or any other possible emotional connotation. Using synonyms is useful to liven up the writing and to suggest new ways of expressing the feeling or atmosphere of a specific environment.

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The word 'vibe' refers to the feeling or impression that something gives off. Antonyms for 'vibe' include the words 'cold', 'unwelcoming', 'displeasing', 'unpleasant' and 'horrible'. These words describe the opposite of a positive or good feeling that a vibe represents. 'Cold' refers to a lack of warmth in the atmosphere or person, while 'unwelcoming' describes an environment that is not inviting or friendly. 'Displeasing' and 'unpleasant' are words that are used to convey a negative or offensive feeling. And, 'horrible' means that something is extremely unpleasant, offensive, or distressing. All of these antonyms for 'vibe' can be used to describe an unfavorable or negative experience or impression.

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Usage examples for Vibe

"I was talking to the Dutch guy late last week," he went on, picking up a faint positive vibe and hoping desperately he could build on it, "and he said he's looking for someone in their thirties with a rheumatic- heart thing-I think it's like what you have-to be part of this big clinical trial they're wrapping up.
Thomas Hoover

Famous quotes with Vibe

  • Any room where you feel a good vibe is a good place to write.
    Nicole Appleton
  • I listen to other guitar players, yeah. It gives me new concepts and shows me where the instrument is going for the future and it is going some places. There are some musicians who are really putting out a good vibe with new theories. I try and keep up.
    George Benson
  • I love New York. I love the multicultural vibe here. Los Angeles doesn't inspire me in any way. Everyone is in the same industry, yet you feel very isolated.
    Neve Campbell
  • I have always had a tremendous amount of energy and any band I was ever in from the age of fourteen, I would always be the one who would describe the future and vibe everyone up.
    Jim Capaldi
  • A lot of comedians, when they have a bad gig, will blame everything but themselves. They'll blame the crowd, or the room was wrong, it had a weird vibe, or the promoter promoted a weird atmosphere.
    Allan Carr

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