What is another word for admission?

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Finding synonyms for a specific word is an essential skill that every language learner should develop. In the case of "admission," some of the synonyms include acceptance, allowance, approval, concession, entrance, acknowledgement, approval, permission, and recognition. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. For instance, instead of using the word "admission" in a sentence like "his admission to the school was rejected," you can use "entrance," and the sentence will read, "his entrance to the school was rejected." Knowing synonyms for a word can help you to write better and expand your vocabulary.

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How to use "Admission" in context?

1. admission is an important process that requires careful consideration by everyone involved. The person being admitted to a school or university is choosing to commit to a period of time and hard work, and the school or institution is choosing to trust them with its resources. Throughout the admission process, each party must keep in mind the unique needs and expectations of the other.

2. The admission office works with applicants to create a personalized admission plan. This includes an assessment of the applicant's prior academic and extracurricular achievements, along with a review of the applicant's goals for attending the school or institution.

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