What is another word for unseat?

Pronunciation: [ʌnsˈiːt] (IPA)

The word "unseat" is often used to describe the removal of someone from a position of power or a seat. However, there are many synonyms that can be used to express the same idea. One such word is "dethrone," which implies a more regal context, as in the overthrowing of a king or queen. Another synonym is "depose," which suggests a forced removal from a high office, such as a president or governor. "Oust" and "remove" both have similar connotations and can be used interchangeably in most situations. Other synonyms include "displace," "eject," "expel," and "uncrown." All of these words are useful alternatives to "unseat" and can add variety and depth to your writing.

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What are the hypernyms for Unseat?

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What are the opposite words for unseat?

Antonyms for the word "unseat" could include "install," "appoint," "enthrone," or "inaugurate." These words denote the act of putting someone or something into a position of authority or power, rather than removing them from it. Other possible antonyms might include terms like "crown," "coronate," or "enshrine," all of which imply an elevation or honoring of a person or thing. Alternatively, words like "uphold," "maintain," or "preserve" could be viewed as indirect antonyms to "unseat," as they refer to actions that support and reinforce a current position of power or status.

What are the antonyms for Unseat?

Usage examples for Unseat

Like a good pose in the saddle, nothing could ever unseat the equanimity of Elizabeth.
James Huneker
He was denounced for his impiety by the Count de Montalembert in the Chamber of peers, and an endeavor was made to unseat him.
"A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations"
Joseph Mazzini Wheeler
He records in his twenty-fifth year that already he had crossed Amanus seven times; and in the year succeeding we find him again entering Cilicia and marching to Tarsus to unseat its prince and put another more pliable in his room.
"The Ancient East"
D. G. Hogarth

Famous quotes with Unseat

  • Perhaps no mightier conflict of mind occurs ever again in a lifetime than that first decision to unseat one's own tooth.
    Gene Fowler
  • "Ignorance has been our king. Since the death of empire, he sits unchallenged on the throne of Man. His dynasty is age-old. His right to rule is now considered legitimate. Past sages have affirmed it. They did nothing to unseat him. "Tomorrow, a new prince shall rule. Men of understanding, men of science shall stand behind his throne, and the universe will come to know his might. His name is Truth. His empire shall encompass the Earth.
    Walter M. Miller

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