What is another word for riposte?

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Riposte, a French word originating from fencing, refers to a quick and sharp comeback or retort to an attack or criticism. Synonyms for riposte include rejoinder, retort, comeback, counterattack, counter, reply, response, answer, and feedback. A rejoinder is a clever reply or response to an accusation or criticism, while a retort is a sharp or witty reply. A comeback is an amusing or witty response to a comment or insult. Counterattack, counter, and reply are all used in the context of defensive responses to an attack, while response, answer, and feedback refer to a written or verbal reply. All these synonyms showcase a swift and effective response to a provocation or challenge.

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When you're under attack, your first instinct is to defend yourself. Your next impulse is to either retaliate or evade. Reactionary attacks are usually quick, instinctual moves that are designed to end the fight as quickly as possible. Evasive techniques, on the other hand, can be more sustained and strategic. They can involve stamina, endurance and mental strength.

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