What is another word for refutation?

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Refutation is a word that refers to the act of disproving something or denying a claim. There are several synonyms for this word, including rebuttal, contradiction, negation, denial, and rebutment. Rebuttal explicitly refers to a challenge against an opposing argument in a debate. Contradiction is a term that suggests a contradiction or inconsistency with a stated claim. Negation is a term that suggests a complete denial of something. Denial implies a complete rejection of something, while rebutment suggests a response to an opposing argument. These words are used interchangeably with refutation but have slightly different meanings depending on the context.

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How to use "Refutation" in context?

Refutation is an essential logical step in any argument. It is a response to an opponent's argument that challenges its credibility or invalidates its premises. A refutation should be thorough, conclusive, and evidence-based.

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