What is another word for espouse?

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Espouse is a verb that refers to adopt or support a particular belief, principle, or policy. Some synonyms for espouse are embrace, endorse, advocate, uphold, champion, accept, accept, adopt, approve, affirm, stand up for, take up, defend, promote, and advance. These words express a strong affirmation of the beliefs or values that someone holds dear, and an unwavering commitment to them. Whether we are talking about a political cause, a religious faith, or a personal philosophy, the synonyms for espouse capture the spirit of dedication and conviction that define our core beliefs.

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How to use "Espouse" in context?

Espouse is to marry.

In archaic usage, espouse meant to pledge one's support or allegiance to. Today, espouse usually means to enter into a formal marriage relationship with someone. Espouse is also used as a verb meaning to make a formal declaration of love or approval.

When two people espouse one another, they undertake a solemn declaration to commit their lives to one another. The marital covenant is a document that sets out the terms and conditions of the marriage relationship. It can include agreements about finances, children, and parenting.

Espousing someone is a very serious decision.

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