What is another word for self-contradictory?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛlfkˌɒntɹədˈɪktəɹˌi] (IPA)

Self-contradictory refers to a statement or idea that contains conflicting or opposing elements. Some synonyms for self-contradictory include paradoxical, inconsistent, contrary, and conflicting. Paradoxical refers to a situation that is seemingly contradictory but may be true. Inconsistent describes a lack of coherence or continuity within a statement. Contrary suggests opposition or oppositional elements. Conflicting implies the existence of competing or contradictory ideas. Other synonyms for self-contradictory include illogical, irrational, and nonsensical. These words describe a statement or idea that lacks reason or rational thinking. Using a synonym for self-contradictory can help to clarify and provide precision in communication.

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The antonyms for the word "self-contradictory" are "consistent," "coherent," "concise," "logical," and "harmonious." A statement is considered self-contradictory when it contradicts itself or is logically impossible. Therefore, a statement that is consistent is one that does not contradict itself and maintains the same meaning throughout. A coherent statement is one that is logically arranged and follows a clear train of thought. A concise statement is one that is brief but clear in its meaning. A logical statement is one that follows a logical sequence and can be supported by evidence. Finally, a harmonious statement is one that is pleasingly consistent and well-integrated.

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Famous quotes with Self-contradictory

  • No words used in the Gospels can legitimately be twisted to mean unending punishment, and indeed, such an expression is self-contradictory. The main motive of punishment surely is to reform the sufferer; in school, to make a better scholar; in the State, to make a better citizen. If the punishment goes on forever when does the sufferer benefit by the punishment or use the lesson he has learned so painfully? If Hell were endless it would be valueless.
    Leslie Weatherhead
  • One of the bad effects of an anti-intellectual philosophy, such as that of Bergson, is that it thrives upon the errors and confusions of the intellect. Hence it is led to prefer bad thinking to good, to declare every momentary difficulty insoluble, and to regard every foolish mistake as revealing the bankruptcy of intellect and the triumph of intuition. There are in Bergson’s works many allusions to mathematics and science, and to a careless reader these allusions may seem to strengthen his philosophy greatly. As regards science, especially biology and physiology, I am not competent to criticize his interpretations. But as regards mathematics, he has deliberately preferred traditional errors in interpretation to the more modern views which have prevailed among mathematicians for the last eighty years. In this matter, he has followed the example of most philosophers. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the infinitesimal calculus, though well developed as a method, was supported, as regards its foundations, by many fallacies and much confused thinking. Hegel and his followers seized upon these fallacies and confusions, to support them in their attempt to prove all mathematics self-contradictory. Thence the Hegelian account of these matters passed into the current thought of philosophers, where it has remained long after the mathematicians have removed all the difficulties upon which the philosophers rely. And so long as the main object of philosophers is to show that nothing can be learned by patience and detailed thinking, but that we ought rather to worship the prejudices of the ignorant under the title of ‘reason’ if we are Hegelians, or of ‘intuition’ if we are Bergsonians, so long philosophers will take care to remain ignorant of what mathematicians have done to remove the errors by which Hegel profited.
    Henri Bergson
  • It would be an unsound fancy and self-contradictory to expect that things which have never yet been done can be done except by means which have never yet been tried.
    Francis Bacon
  • Russell, when asked to give an example of how any statement whatever, say that Russell (a renowned atheist) is the Pope, might follow from the self-contradictory statement 5=2+2, suggested that 3 be subtracted from both sides of this supposed equality; it follows that 2=1, thus two different persons, viz. Bertrand Russell and the Pope, form one person; hence Russell is the Pope.
    Bertrand Russell
  • It is alike self-contradictory and contrary to experience, that a man of two goods should choose the lesser, knowing it at the time to be the lesser.What we call knowing a man's character, is knowing how he will act in such and such conditions. The better we know him the more surely we can prophesy. If we know him perfectly, we are certain.
    James Anthony Froude

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