What is another word for admonish?

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Admonish is a powerful word that can be used to describe a variety of situations, from a gentle warning to a harsh rebuke. There are many synonyms for admonish, each with its own nuance and tone. Some common synonyms include caution, reprimand, chide, scold, rebuke, censure, frown upon, criticize, counsel, advise, warn, and educate. Depending on the context, each of these synonyms may be more or less appropriate. For instance, one may advise someone on a course of action, while rebuking someone entails a stronger emphasis on correction and disapproval. Regardless of which synonym is chosen, all of them communicate a message of correction and guidance.

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    Admonish is a word that refers to a warning or reprimand given to someone who has done something wrong. Its antonyms, or opposing words, include praise, approve, commend, and applaud. Praise refers to expressing admiration or commendation for someone's actions or qualities. Approve and commend both connote expressing approval or admiration. Applaud is usually used to express enthusiastic approval of an action, performance or achievement. Admonish's other antonyms include admire, laud, extol, and flatter, which refer to expressing admiration and respect. Moreover, commendation, exaltation, and extolment are other antonyms for admonish, which are used to express high praise and approval.

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    A debate, a vote, or a scene, that occurs in Parliament late at night is brought home to the whole country at breakfast the next morning, and prominent constituents, clubs, committees and the like, can praise or censure, encourage or admonish, their member for his vote before the next sitting of the House.
    "The Government of England (Vol. I)"
    A. Lawrence Lowell
    Though surprise and terror had by this time well-nigh deprived him of his senses, he had enough left to admonish him, that all remonstrance would be idle.
    "The White Gauntlet"
    Mayne Reid
    And while she went on ceaselessly pasting one dried plant after another on the gummed paper, she continued to lecture and admonish Lilly severely.
    "The Song of Songs"
    Hermann Sudermann

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