What is another word for gabble?

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Gabble refers to the rapid and unintelligible speech of an individual. Some common synonyms for gabble include chatter, prattle, babble, gab, blather, or jabber. People who tend to gabble are sometimes labeled as garrulous, loquacious, or verbose. Gabble can also be used to describe the unintelligible sounds made by geese or other birds, which can be replaced by honking, squawking, or clucking. In the context of texting or messaging, gabble can be substituted with typing gibberish or nonsense text. While gabbling can be perceived as annoying or frustrating, it is important to remember that it can also be a sign of excitement, anxiety, or nervousness.

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Usage examples for Gabble

They immediately began to gabble, hastily putting away their instruments; while from without entered a crazy stream of women weeping, laughing, and scolding.
James Huneker
gabble or not, as thou choosest.
"The Three Heron's Feathers"
Hermann Sudermann
You see, as she told Joe-I wasn't there-I don't listen to their silly gabble, anyway-but, you see, Alfred, when the little fellow gets an idea like this in his head and keeps hammering and hammering on it, there ain't nothing to do but try to pacify him-as Aunt Mandy told Joe, your interests are so whopping big over there that you will naturally have to be on hand to look after 'em.
"Dixie Hart"
Will N. Harben

Famous quotes with Gabble

  • After all there is the two edged sword that will never fail you, with enthusiasm for one of its edges and irony for the other. However mired and weedy be the current of life there will be always joy and loyalty enough left to keep you unwavering in the faith that politics is not as it seems in clouded moments, a mere gabble and squabble of selfish interests, but that it is the State in action. And the State is the name by which we call the great human conspiracy against hunger and cold, against loneliness and ignorance; the State is the foster-mother and warden of the arts, of love, of comradeship, of all that redeems from despair that strange adventure which we call human life.
    Thomas Kettle
  • He seemed to lose interest in the subject of his daughter, glooming at a yellow card of ancient railway regulations on the wall. But when the harbingers of the coming train were audible – porters trundling, a scrambled gabble from the station announcer, frantic blowing on hot tea – he became eager again and was out swiftly on to the platform. I followed him. The train slid in. I saw the driver look down disdainful from his cosy hell, sharing – like soldier and auxiliary – a mystique with the tea-room woman. Passengers, disillusioned with arrival, got out greyly amid grey steam; passengers, hungry for the illusion of getting somewhere, jostled their way on.
    Anthony Burgess

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