What is another word for Squealed?

Pronunciation: [skwˈiːld] (IPA)

Squealed can be defined as a high-pitched, shrill sound made either by a human or an animal. If you're looking for alternative words to describe this sound, you can use synonyms such as shrieked, screeched, yelped, or howled. Other similar words to describe a high-pitched sound made by an animal can include squeaked, whinnied, or neighed if you're referring to a horse. In cases where a person has made a loud, sudden sound due to distress or surprise, you can use words like yelled, cried out, or exclaimed. Regardless of the situation, the best synonym for the word "squealed" depends on the context in which it is being used.

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Usage examples for Squealed

Tessa Squealed a wild remonstrance.
"The Lamp in the Desert"
Ethel M. Dell
Scooter killed a rat the other day, and it Squealed dreadfully.
"The Lamp in the Desert"
Ethel M. Dell
Why, the new chap Squealed, of course!
"The Crimson Sweater"
Ralph Henry Barbour

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