What is another word for blurt out?

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[ blˈɜːt ˈa͡ʊt], [ blˈɜːt ˈa‍ʊt], [ b_l_ˈɜː_t ˈaʊ_t]

Synonyms for Blurt out:

How to use "Blurt out" in context?

When something unexpectedly pops into your mind, it can be quite jarring. It's as if all that was previously dammed up suddenly spills out in an uncontrolled torrential flow.

This is particularly true when it comes to revealing personal details or when you're caught off-guard by an unexpected question.

We often blurt out things without thinking, because we feel compelled to share what's on our mind. But is this always a good idea?

There are some cases where it's easy to justify blurting out whatever's on your mind - for example, when you're in a candid conversation with someone you trust.

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