What is another word for wear on?

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[ wˈe͡əɹ ˈɒn], [ wˈe‍əɹ ˈɒn], [ w_ˈeə_ɹ ˈɒ_n]

The phrase "wear on" refers to the passage of time or gradual progress of something over time. Synonyms for this phrase include "drag on", "tick away", "creep by", "pass slowly", "linger on", "persevere", and "persist". These synonyms can be used to describe the slow process of waiting for something, such as time passing during a boring meeting or the lengthy wait in a doctor's office. "Wear on" can also describe the gradual breaking down or deterioration of an object or material over time, which can be synonymous with "degrade", "corrode", "erode", and "deteriorate". Overall, synonyms for "wear on" describe the slow, steady process of time and change.

How to use "Wear on" in context?

When you first start wearing a new piece of clothing, it feels tight and restrictive. But over time, the clothes you regularly wear become more comfortable and conform to your body. There is a phenomenon known as "wear on", in which a piece of clothing gradually becomes more comfortable as it is worn. The following are some factors that can lead to wear on:

1. The fabric of the clothing is designed to last a certain amount of time, but with regular use, it can start to stretch. This is especially true for clothes made from natural materials, like cotton, which can breathe and move with your body.

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