What is another word for deck out?

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[ dˈɛk ˈa͡ʊt], [ dˈɛk ˈa‍ʊt], [ d_ˈɛ_k ˈaʊ_t]

Deck out is a popular term that means to dress oneself up in a fancy or stylish manner. When you're trying to create a new look for yourself, there are a few synonyms you can use instead of deck out. For instance, gear up is a more casual option that works well when you're getting ready for something like a party or a night out. Dress up is another option that's similar to deck out, but it has a more formal vibe to it. Finally, spruce up is a great synonym for deck out when you're trying to freshen up your appearance without going all out.

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    How to use "Deck out" in context?

    Deck out means to decorate or festoon in a festive or picturesque manner. It is sometimes used more loosely to mean to make up for deficiencies in appearance. A deck out can be as simple as adding colorful ribbons to a Christmas tree, or it can be as elaborate as filling a whole room with festive decorations.

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