What is another word for co-operated?

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The word "co-operated" is an integral part of our daily communication. It means to work or collaborate with someone to achieve a common goal. However, in some cases, it may not always be the most suitable word to use. Some alternatives to "co-operated" that can be used interchangeably are; collaborated, teamed up, worked together, coordinated, allied, partnered, joint effort, and combined efforts. Each synonym conveys a slightly different nuance or meaning. Therefore, depending on the context, it is essential to choose the appropriate synonym that best suits the situation and effectively conveys the intended meaning.

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    How to use "Co-operated" in context?

    The dictionary meaning of "co-operative" is "of, relating to, or achieving cooperation or collaboration." In simpler terms, co-operatives are businesses which are democratically owned and presided over by their members, who contribute goods or money to the enterprise in order to share in its profits.

    A co-operative can be a small business, such as a grocery, bakery, or photocopying shop; or it can be a large enterprise, such as a farmer's market or an automobile plant. In either case, the members share decision-making power and have asay in the management of the business.

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