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Ascribe is a verb that means to attribute or assign to a particular source or cause. Synonyms for ascribe include assign, attribute, impute, credit, attach, allocate, attribute responsibility, chalk up, put down to, refer to. Assign adds weight to the notion of delegation, while attribute implies a more general quality or characteristic. Impute suggests that a specific trait or characteristic is assigned to someone or something, while credit emphasizes positive qualities for giving someone or something recognition. On the other hand, allocate is often used in a more formal setting to refer to the assignment of funds, while chalk up is more informal.

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How to use "Ascribe" in context?

In linguistics, ascribe (or attribute) is a word meaning "to attribute a quality to (a noun or pronoun)." It is also the past participle of the verb ascribe.

The ascribe verb is often used in scientific writing and journalism to introduce the results of a study or survey: "various ascribing factors were explored" or "the survey found that..."). Ascribing also occurs when one talks about how something is present in a particular place or at a particular time. In these cases, ascribing generally refers to assigning a cause or origin rather than a quality.

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