What is another word for detonation?

Pronunciation: [dˌɛtənˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Detonation is a word that refers to the sudden and violent explosion of a substance, such as an explosive or fuel. However, there are several synonyms for detonation. One option is "blast," which can refer to a sudden and powerful explosion or burst of energy. Another word that could be used is "burst," which can mean a sudden outburst of sound or light. "Explosion" is another synonym for detonation, which refers to a sudden and violent release of energy. Finally, "bang" is another option, which implies a loud and sudden noise. These synonyms all convey the same idea of a sudden and powerful release of energy.

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Detonation is defined as an explosion or a loud sound caused by an abrupt release of energy. The antonyms of detonation include silence, stillness, calm, peace, and tranquility. These words signify the absence of any sort of noise or disturbance. Another antonym of detonation is security, which refers to the state of being safe and protected from any harm or danger. Other antonyms for detonation include order, restraint, and control, which indicate the absence of chaos or disorder. Overall, the word detonation has several antonyms that represent peace, quiet, and safety, which seem to be quite the opposite of what detonation stands for.

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Usage examples for Detonation

Then the roar of the river was drowned in the detonation, and long clouds of smoke whirled up.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
Away off he heard a heavy detonation.
William McFee
For an inquisitive burgher, hearing the outcries along the road, had popped his head out of his garden door at the very moment that Tristram whizzed by, followed by the detonation.
"The Blue Pavilions"
Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Famous quotes with Detonation

  • A terrorist nuclear detonation in a western city would destroy all economic confidence.
    John Bruton
  • "It worked." (said after witnessing the first atomic detonation).
    J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • I learnt the true meaning of what was euphemistically described as close-quarters combat. No line-of-sight particle-beam weapons now; no delayed-detonation nano-munitions. What close-quarters combat meant was something which would have been infinitely more recognisable to a soldier of a thousand years earlier: the screaming fury of human beings packed so close together that the only effective way to kill each other was with sharpened metal weapons: bayonets and daggers, or with hands around each other’s throats; fingers pressed into each other’s eye-sockets. The only way to survive was to disengage all higher brain-functions and regress to an animal state of mind. So I did. And in doing so, I learned a deeper truth about war. She punished those who flirted with her by making them like herself. Once you opened the door to the animal, there was no shutting it.
    Alastair Reynolds

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