What is another word for retinue?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɛtɪnjˌuː] (IPA)

Retinue, which means a group of advisers, assistants, or followers, is a widely used term in different contexts. However, sometimes, repeating the same word repeatedly can be monotonous and boring. Synonyms can help to add variety to your language and make your writing more interesting. Some of the synonyms for retinue include entourage, procession, cortege, escort, followers, train, cohort, bodyguard, attendants, and servants. By using synonyms, you can enrich your writing and express your thoughts more effectively. So, next time when you are writing about a group of people who are accompanying someone important, don't forget to use these interesting synonyms for the word retinue.

Synonyms for Retinue:

What are the hypernyms for Retinue?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Retinue

145. Johnie, with all his retinue, was accordingly hanged upon growing trees, at a place called Carlenrig chapel, about ten miles above Hawick, on the high road to Langholm.
"Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)"
Walter Scott
I see no splendid retinue surrounding this solitary dwelling.
"Narrative of a Voyage to India; of a Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh; and a Description of New South Wales"
W. B. Cramp
Saying which, the Marchioness of Tavora arose, and, embracing the young lady, she quitted the apartment with the same stately dignity with which she had entered, attended, with the utmost respect, by the retinue of maidens who waited on their young mistress.
"The Prime Minister"
W.H.G. Kingston

Famous quotes with Retinue

  • Bohemia is nothing more than the little country in which you do not live. If you try to obtain citizenship in it, at once the court and retinue pack the royal archives and treasure and move away beyond the hills.
    O. Henry
  • The sun and its retinue of planets drift as a group through the vast gulfs of space that separate the stars.
    Barney Oliver
  • Riding the crest, I diversified, exploiting a highly marketable capacity to fart at will... By mastering this skill I set myself on a par with those court jesters of old who could wow the monarch and all his retinue with a simultaneous leap, whistle and fart. Unable to extend my neo-Homeric story-telling activities from the playground to the classroom, I could nevertheless continue to hog the limelight by interpolating a gaseous running commentary while the teacher addressed himself to the blackboard.
    Clive James
  • From the retinue of Mynyddog they hastened forth; in a shining array they fed together round the wine-vessel. My heart has become full of grief for the feast of Mynyddog, I have lost too many of my true kinsmen.
  • He would not journey without a foot. He would not breed nuts without trees, Like seeking for ants in the heath. Like an instrument of foolish spoil, Like the retinue of an army without a head, Like feeding the unsheltered on lichen.

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