What is another word for nubbin?

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[ nˈʌbɪn], [ nˈʌbɪn], [ n_ˈʌ_b_ɪ_n]

A "nubbin" is a small or incomplete object, such as a partially developed ear of corn or a small lump. If you are searching for synonyms, there are several words that can be used in place of "nubbin." For example, the word "dab" refers to a small amount of something, while "morsel" indicates a tiny piece of food. Other possibilities include "speck," which is a small mark or dot, and "modicum," which means a small quantity of something. "Scrap" and "fragment" can also be used as synonyms for "nubbin," particularly when describing a small piece that has broken off or been left behind.

How to use "Nubbin" in context?

Nubbin is a small, round,approximately two inch object that has been historically used to test the quality of gold and other precious metals.

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