What is another word for smatter?

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The word "smatter" means to have a superficial or small amount of knowledge about something. There are a few synonyms that could be used instead of this word, such as "dabble," "tinker," or "toy" with something. An individual can also be described as having a "shallow" or "limited" understanding of a particular topic. Other similar words to describe a lack of depth in knowledge include "superficial," "cursory" or "perfunctory." The word "graze" can also be used to describe a passing familiarity with a subject as well. In any context, it is important to choose the appropriate synonym to convey the intended meaning.

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What are the hypernyms for Smatter?

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What are the opposite words for smatter?

Smatter is a verb that means to have a superficial, inadequate, or limited knowledge of a subject. Its antonyms are diligent, expert, proficient, and knowledgeable, among others. If someone is expert in a field, they have extensive knowledge and skills, while someone who smatters may have only superficial knowledge. Diligent means showing care and conscientiousness in one's work, while smatter implies a lack of attention or detail. Proficient means skilled and capable in a particular area, while smatter indicates a lack of proficiency. In short, smatter is the opposite of having deep or thorough knowledge, expertise, diligence, and proficiency.

Usage examples for Smatter

Her only education was the continual smatter which comes from many cities superficially glided.
James Huneker
One who knows a few subjects very well is no doubt more accomplished than one who has only a superficial "smatter" of knowledge concerning many.
"The Girl Wanted"
Nixon Waterman
I'd burn in the pit rather than smatter out popular guess-work.
Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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