What is another word for hammer away at?

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[ hˈaməɹ ɐwˈe͡ɪ at], [ hˈaməɹ ɐwˈe‍ɪ at], [ h_ˈa_m_ə_ɹ ɐ_w_ˈeɪ a_t]

The phrase "hammer away at" is typically used to describe someone who is persistently working on a task or issue. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of this phrase, including "persevere," "struggle," and "labor over." Other options include "grind away," "plod on," "press forward," and "persistently pursue." Each of these phrases conveys the same sense of determination and hard work, and can be used in a variety of contexts, from describing someone who is working tirelessly on a project, to someone who is fighting to overcome a personal challenge or obstacle.

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    The phrase "hammer away at" is commonly used to mean to persistently work on or repeatedly emphasize a point. However, there are several antonyms for this phrase that suggest different ways of approaching a task. One antonym is "let go," which implies a willingness to release control or accept a situation as it is. Another antonym is "relax," indicating a willingness to take a break or step back from a problem. "Abandon," "yield," and "surrender" are also antonyms, suggesting a willingness to give up on a task or idea. Each of these antonyms provides an alternative perspective on how to approach a problem or task.

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