What is another word for belabor?

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Belabor is a term that means to emphasize or dwell upon a point too strongly, especially in a repetitive or exhausting manner. Some synonyms for belabor include harp on, dwell on, rehash, overemphasize, beat a dead horse, go on and on, labor over, repeat ad nauseam, and dwell too long. These synonyms describe the act of exaggerating a point or idea beyond its importance, leading to loss of clarity and focus. To avoid belaboring a point, try to limit your repetition, focus on the most vital aspects, and rely on concise and straightforward language. This will help you communicate effectively without overwhelming your audience with redundancy.

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    How to use "Belabor" in context?

    When you belabor something, you go overboard in trying to make it clear or convincing. You may add unnecessary detail, make unnecessarily repeated points, or use excessively formal language. The goal may be to impress or intimidate your audience, but it usually results in a tedium-inducing conversation.

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