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Mull is a verb meaning to ponder or think deeply about something. Synonyms for mull include contemplate, meditate, reflect, chew over, ruminate, and consider. These words all imply a thoughtful approach to a subject, indicating a person taking time to carefully analyze a topic. Other synonyms for mull include brood, muse, agonize, and deliberate. Choosing the right synonym can convey subtle differences in approaches to thinking, such as brooding on negative emotions versus meditating on a peaceful image. Whether brainstorming ideas or contemplating life choices, varying synonyms for mull allow for a greater range of expression and nuanced meaning.

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Mull is a word derived from the Norse word mula meaning mill. The word was first recorded in Old English in the 7th century. In medieval England, the word was used to describe a small mill for grinding corn. The mill was often built near a stream or river so that the water could power the mill.

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