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The word "depend" is commonly used in English language to indicate reliance or requirement of something. You can use other synonyms to replace "depend" in your writing or speaking to express the same meaning. Some of the synonyms of "depend" that you can use include rely on, count on, bank on, trust in, lean on, bank upon, rest on, hinge on, be based on, be conditional on, be contingent on, be subject to, be influenced by and be determined by. Using synonyms of "depend" can help you to avoid repetition and create variety in your sentence structures.

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How to use "Depend" in context?

Depend is a dependency management tool. It allows developers to specify a list of dependencies an application requires in order to run, and then resolve those dependencies automatically. Dependency resolution is a critical part of the software development process, and Dependency Manager tools make it easy and fast to find, download, and install the correct dependencies.

When an application requires a certain library or executable file, Dependency Manager can often automatically find and download it from the internet. This eliminates the need for the developer to manually search for and install the required dependency. Additionally, Dependency Manager can automatically update the required dependency when a new version is released.

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  • v.

    • stative

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