What is another word for chartered?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈɑːtəd] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the term "chartered" that can be used to convey similar meanings in different contexts. These include words such as commissioned, licensed, authorized, certified, accredited, endorsed, and approved. Each of these terms implies some level of official recognition or authorization, whether it is in the form of a legal document or a professional certification. For example, a chartered accountant might also be referred to as a licensed accountant, while a chartered flight could be described as a commissioned flight. The use of these synonyms can help to add variation and nuance to one's language, as well as convey important details about the subject at hand.

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What are the opposite words for chartered?

The word "chartered" denotes the act of obtaining legal permission or a license from an authority for a particular purpose. Its antonyms could include "unauthorized," "forbidden," "prohibited," "banned," "restricted," or "proscribed." These antonyms suggest a sense of illegality, impermissibility, or lack of approval for the intended activity. Alternatively, words such as "unincorporated," "non-certified," "unsanctioned," or "informal" could be considered antonyms of "chartered" that imply a lack of formal recognition or approval from relevant authorities. These antonyms highlight the importance of obtaining the necessary certifications or permissions to conduct certain activities legally and effectively.

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Usage examples for Chartered

Mr. Dainopoulos would have applied himself only he felt he was in a delicate position, having chartered his ship to the Government, and so did not want to embarrass them.
William McFee
So we chartered the craft for seven rupees there and back-which was two rupees above proper rate-left our packing undone, and sailed for Elephanta.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch
Travelled up to Maritzburg in a waggon, chartered a horse apiece, and came out to find you.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford

Famous quotes with Chartered

  • The fact that they're a congressionally chartered group should no more incline people to give to that group than the fact that it's National Pickle Month should make them eat more pickles.
    Barney Frank
  • That's why it has to be a nonprofit, because a nonprofit is required to take monies it receives and use them for the purposes for which it's chartered by the government. It can't be pocketed.
    Mitchell Kapor
  • The press is like the air, a chartered libertine.
    William Pitt
  • The practice of creating chartered joint-stock companies of a modern type seems to have begun at the commencement of the seventeenth century; and the formation of the East India Company is one of the earliest, if not the very earliest, examples. At first, it appears, the 'joint stock' of the company was separately made up for each ship; perhaps for each voyage. But, in the year 1612 the Company made the momentous resolve to have one joint stock for the whole of its affairs, and thus inaugurated a new epoch. The East India Company, or Companies, (for there were two of them), were followed by the Hudson's Bay Company (1670), the existence of which was recognized by statute in 1707, and by the Bank of England and the notorious South Sea Company.
    Edward Jenks
  • Gayly we glide in the gaze of the world With streamers afloat and with canvas unfurled, All gladness and glory to wandering eyes, Yet chartered by sorrow and freighted with sighs.
    Thomas Kibble Hervey

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