What is another word for moralistic?

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"Moralistic" is an adjective that refers to a person or behavior that is excessively concerned with adhering to moral principles or codes. There are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning, including "self-righteous," "sanctimonious," "pious," "holier-than-thou," "preachy," and "judgmental." These words all carry a negative connotation, suggesting a person who is insufferable in their righteousness and quick to judge others for not adhering to the same moral standards. Other synonyms for "moralistic" include "virtuous," "upright," "ethical," "principled," and "conscientious," but these words generally carry a more positive connotation, suggesting a person who genuinely strives to live a moral life without imposing their values on others.

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How to use "Moralistic" in context?

Moralism, the asserting of ethical principles or judgments concerning right and wrong, is an ancient and widespread human behavior. Moral judgments come from an individual's perception of right and wrong, as well as from traditions and conventions. Moral judgments can be expressions of personal values or public policies.

Moral judgments may be formal or informal. A formal moral judgment is a statement of a position which is supported by arguments and evidence. An informal moral judgment is an unspoken statement of opinion. An informal moral judgment may be just as binding as a formal moral judgment.

Moral judgments can be positive or negative.

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