What is another word for no-nos?

Pronunciation: [nˈə͡ʊnˈɒs] (IPA)

When it comes to no-nos, there are plenty of other phrases and words that one can use to convey the same message. Some common synonyms for no-nos include taboos, prohibitions, restrictions, forbidden practices, and off-limits behaviors. Other alternatives are faux pas, social breaches, indiscretions, and improprieties. Unacceptable actions, bad manners, unacceptable conduct, and misdeeds are also alternative ways of expressing the idea of things that should not be done. Ultimately, choosing the right word or phrase depends on the context, audience, and tone of the message that is being conveyed. Regardless, all of these words carry the connotation of behavior that is discouraged or frowned upon.

Synonyms for No-nos:

What are the hypernyms for No-nos?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    Deplorable conduct, Discouraged behavior, Ill-advised behaviors, Inadvisable decisions, Inappropriate choices, Objectionable behavior, Regrettable actions, Taboo behaviors, Unacceptable acts.

What are the opposite words for no-nos?

The phrase "no-nos" refers to things that are not allowed or frowned upon. Some antonyms for this phrase could be "yes-yes," which would suggest things that are encouraged or permitted. Other antonyms might include "acceptable," "allowed," "permitted," "appropriate," and "tolerated." These words would all suggest that certain actions or behaviors are not only allowed but also acceptable or even desirable. While "no-nos" are things that we should avoid or refrain from doing, these antonyms emphasize actions or behaviors that are positive, desirable, and encouraged. They help us to focus on the things we should do, rather than simply the things we should avoid.

What are the antonyms for No-nos?

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