What is another word for non-fiction?

Pronunciation: [nˈɒnfˈɪkʃən] (IPA)

Non-fiction is a category of literature that contains factual information on specific subjects. Some synonyms for non-fiction include "realistic," "truthful," "reliable," "accurate," "authentic," "factual," "actual," "historical," "documentary," "educational," "instructive," "informative," and "knowledgeable." Non-fiction books can be memoirs, biographies, academic works, self-help books, travel guides, scientific research articles, or even news articles. One characteristic of non-fiction literature is that it aims to inform and educate the reader about a particular topic and provide them with reliable and verified information. Non-fiction literature is not only informative but also engages the reader by providing them with a greater understanding of the world.

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What are the hypernyms for Non-fiction?

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What are the opposite words for non-fiction?

Non-fiction, which refers to factual writing, has several antonyms. The first is fiction. Fiction refers to writing that incorporates imaginary or invented events, characters, and plotlines. Secondly, there is poetry, which employs language imaginatively rather than factually to express emotions, feelings, and ideas. Lastly, there is writing that falls under the category of satire. Satire involves the use of humor, irony, and sarcasm to expose and ridicule human follies and vices. While non-fiction remains one of the most popular genres of writing, its antonyms offer a diverse range of genres for readers to explore, collaborate and challenge their thoughts on different perspectives.

What are the antonyms for Non-fiction?

Famous quotes with Non-fiction

  • I read very widely, both non-fiction and fiction, so I don't think there's a single writer who influences me.
    Peter Benchley
  • I am conscious of trying to stretch the boundaries of non-fiction writing. It's always surprised me how little attention many non-fiction writers pay to the formal aspects of their work.
    Alain de Botton
  • I was looking to do something non-fiction because I had done a strip, 'My Mom Was a Schizophrenic.' I really enjoyed the process of doing that strip, despite its subject matter. To do it I'd had to do a lot of research and reading and I figured I'd like to do that again.
    Chester Brown
  • For some reason, I seem to be bothered whenever I see acts of injustice and assaults on people's civil liberties. I imagine what I write in the future will follow in that vein. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction.
    Iris Chang
  • Before Truman Capote, journalism and non-fiction weren't taken very seriously.
    Gerald Clarke

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