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Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊdɛks] (IPA)

A codex is a term that refers to a type of bound manuscript or book, typically with several pages. It's a common term in literature, especially in the context of ancient texts or scripts. Some synonyms that can be used instead of codex include manuscript, volume, tome, book, register, ledger, and record. These words all describe bound volumes with written words, with slight variations in meanings. Manuscript often refers to a hand-written text, while volume and tome are more general terms that encompass a wide range of bound books. Regardless of the term used, these synonyms are all related to physical texts that are carefully crafted and preserved over time.

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The word "codex" refers to a manuscript book that was written by hand, especially in ancient times. While there are not many direct antonyms for the word "codex," there are several terms that are related to the concept of manuscripts or books that have different implications. Some antonyms might include electronic, digital, or virtual, which suggest the opposite of a hand-written book. Other antonyms could be the terms destruction, demolition, or eradication, which might suggest the opposite of preserving or cherishing a manuscript book. Ultimately, the antonyms for "codex" will depend on the context in which the term is being used and what contrasts might be most relevant to that context.

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Usage examples for Codex

Frontispiece to the codex Amiatinus.
"The Care of Books"
John Willis Clark
Partly owing to the political troubles that followed its foundation, and partly perhaps to delay on the part of the printers, the only important works that came from this press were Dr. Patrick Young's translation of the book of Job, from the codex Alexandrinus, a folio printed in 1637, and an edition in Greek of the Epistles of St. Paul, with a commentary by the Bishop of Peterborough, also a folio, which came from the same press in 1636. The Greek letter used in this office cannot be compared for beauty or delicacy of outline with that which Norton had used in the Chrysostom of 1610. On the 11th July 1637 was published another Star Chamber Decree concerning printers.
"A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898"
Henry R. Plomer
The parent of our present book form, the Roman codex, split from an actual block of wood, had a surface hardly as large as the cover of a Little Classic.
"The Booklover and His Books"
Harry Lyman Koopman

Famous quotes with Codex

  • In our day, computer technology and the proliferation of books on CD-ROM have not affected - as far as statistics show - the production and sale of books in their old-fashioned codex form.
    Alberto Manguel

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