What is another word for Nonvocal?

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Nonvocal, a word that simply means not producing sound or not speaking, has a number of interesting synonyms that can be used to liven up one's vocabulary. For instance, the word "mute" denotes a person or animal who is unable or unwilling to speak, while "silent" refers to something not emitting any noise or devoid of sound. "Speechless" is another synonym that describes a state of being without words or language. Similarly, "soundless" and "voiceless" refer to the absence of sound produced by a person or an object. Finally, the word "wordless" suggests something that is expressed without the need for words. All of these synonyms for nonvocal can come in handy for writers, poets, and communicators looking to add variety to their language use.

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What are the hypernyms for Nonvocal?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for Nonvocal?

Nonvocal is a word used to describe someone or something that does not produce any sound or voice. However, there are several antonyms or opposite words that can be used to describe the opposite of nonvocal. The first antonym is "vocal" which means producing sound or voice, the second antonym is "talkative" which means someone who talks a lot or frequently. The third antonym is "articulate" which means someone who expresses their thoughts or feelings clearly and intelligently. Another antonym is "communicative" which means someone who is good at communicating their thoughts or ideas effectively. Lastly, an antonym for nonvocal is "expressive" which means someone who is good at conveying emotions or feelings through words or actions.

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Usage examples for Nonvocal

They're not really nontelepathic, any more than the Kierawelans, for example, are Nonvocal.
Everett B. Cole

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