What is another word for dastardly?

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"Dastardly" is a term that can be used to describe a cowardly or dishonorable act. When searching for synonyms, one might consider words such as "villainous," "devious," or "treacherous." Other terms that could be used include "sneaky," "underhanded," or "mean-spirited." It is important to note that while these words share a similar meaning, each has its nuances and can be used in different contexts. When looking for the perfect synonym for "dastardly," it is important to consider the intended tone and use the most appropriate word. Ultimately, the choice of synonyms lies with the perspective of the individual speaker or writer.

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    Dastardly is an adjective that describes an act or behavior that is cowardly, despicable, or treacherous. Antonyms for dastardly include acts that are brave, courageous, heroic, or honorable. A person who is dastardly may be described as a coward, villain, or a scoundrel, whereas their antonyms are described as valiant, gallant, noble, or righteous. Actions that oppose dastardly behavior could be acts of kindness, generosity, or compassion. In order to stand in opposition to dastardly behavior, one must resolve to act courageously and with integrity. Antonyms for dastardly help us affirm and reinforce our core values of honor, justice, and courage.

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    Usage examples for Dastardly

    I can scarcely believe such dastardly cowards are alive.
    "The Man from Jericho"
    Edwin Carlile Litsey
    "I have a long series of insults to avenge," said Nicholas, flushed with passion; "and my indignation is aggravated by the dastardly cruelties practised on helpless infancy in this foul den.
    "Dickens As an Educator"
    James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
    Many of our friends say I ought to decline; but I feel that to do so would be mean and dastardly while I have a prospect of such great good before me-possible if not probable, but I think even probable.
    MacCarthy, Desmond

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