What is another word for Fruits?

Pronunciation: [fɹˈuːts] (IPA)

Fruits are nature's sweet and healthy gifts to us. They are rich in various nutrients essential for a healthy diet. Some common synonyms for fruits include produce, crop, harvest, yield, and crops. These words emphasize the agricultural aspect of fruits. An alternative synonym for fruits is edibles, which suggests that they are fit for consumption. Other synonyms include berries, cherries, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, peaches, pineapples, and more. These are specific types of fruits that are commonly consumed. Overall, fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet and should be incorporated into daily meals.

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Usage examples for Fruits

But how came Bertrand Ballard away out in Wisconsin in a country home, painting pictures for people who knew little or nothing of art, and cared not to know more, raising Fruits and keeping bees for the means to live?
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
To John R. Bradley, therefore, belong the first Fruits of the Polar conquest.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Such a man could not afford to divide the Fruits of Polar attainment with another.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Fruits

  • Waters are distilled out of Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, and Roots.
    Nicholas Culpeper
  • Fruits are always of the same nature with the seeds and roots from which they come, and trees are known by the Fruits they bear: as a man begets a man, and a beast a beast, that society of men which constitutes a government upon the foundation of justice.
    Algernon Sidney
  • If you don't like the Fruits you are growing, then change the Seeds you are sowing.
  • If you don't like the Fruits you are growing, then change the Seeds you are sowing. -RVM
  • Leaves grow green to fall, Flowers grow fair to fade, Fruits grow ripe to rot — All but for passing made.
    Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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