What is another word for worsted?

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Worsted is a type of wool yarn that is twisted tightly and lies flat. It is often used in knitting, crochet and weaving. There are several synonyms for the word worsted that can be used when referring to this type of yarn. Some of these words include smooth, fine, sleek, and lustrous. These synonyms all describe the glossy, silky texture of worsted wool yarn, which makes it a popular choice for high-quality clothing and accessories. Additionally, words such as dense, thick, and heavy can be used to describe the weight and durability of worsted wool yarn.

Synonyms for Worsted:

How to use "Worsted" in context?

Worsted is a type of yarn with a smooth surface and a crisp texture. It is composed of two or more types of fibers, usually wool and cotton, which are twisted together to form a mesh. The term "worsted" is typically used to describe yarns with a felted surface, which gives them a softer, denser feel than traditional yarns.

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