What is another word for fend?

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The term "fend" is defined as to defend or resist. There are several alternatives that can be used in place of this word, such as guard, shield, protect, ward off, repel, or face up to. "Guard" implies a stance taken to prevent invasion or attack. "Shield" refers to the act of providing protection to something or someone. "Protect" emphasizes the ideal of shielding something against danger or harm. "Ward off" means to keep something at bay by fighting or resisting it. "Repel" emphasizes the concept of keeping something at a distance by force, while "face up to" involves confronting a problem directly.

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    How to use "Fend" in context?

    1. fending off is the act of defending oneself or someone else from an attacking or threatening action. This can be done physically by hitting or wrestling the attacker, or using any other form of self-defence.

    2. The word fend is derived from the Old English word fenge, meaning a password or a challenge to another person's honour. In medieval England, any person who refused to defend himself or others with physical force was said to be 'feeble in the face of danger'.

    3. Fending off can also refer to preventing something undesirable from happening.

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