What is another word for equivocate?

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Equivocate is a tricky word to define, as it can have some murky connotations. Essentially, it refers to the act of being intentionally ambiguous or evasive in one's speech or actions. Some synonyms for this word might include terms like prevaricate, beat around the bush, or hedge. Other options might include words like waffle, vacillate, or dodge. Essentially, these synonyms all share a sense of uncertainty or lack of clarity, which is what equivocation is all about. Whether you're trying to avoid giving a direct answer or simply don't want to commit to something, these synonyms will help you express that sentiment with precision and clarity.

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    Equivocate is to speak ambiguously, making it difficult to understand what the person is truly saying. By doing this, the speaker can avoid true, direct communication and instead disguise their true intentions.

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