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Libel, the act of making a false, damaging statement about someone, has several synonyms. The first one that comes to mind is defamation, which encompasses all types of false statements that harm a person's reputation. Slander, on the other hand, refers to spoken false statements that damage a person's reputation. Calumny is a less commonly used synonym for libel that specifically refers to malicious statements intended to harm someone's reputation. Vilification is another synonym for libel that describes a public attack on a person's character or reputation. Finally, character assassination is a synonym for libel that specifically refers to a vicious and malicious attack on someone's reputation.

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    Libel is a type of defamation, which is when a person writes something that he knows to be false and with the intent of causing harm to the person or property of that person. Libel can be written, spoken, or both. The most common form of libel is written, but it can also be spoken. Libel is a misdemeanor, which means that it is a punishable offense in most states. The punishment for libel varies from state to state, but it is most commonly a fine or imprisonment.

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