What is another word for adjudicate?

Pronunciation: [ɐd͡ʒˈuːdɪkˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Adjudicate means to settle or determine a dispute or argument. Some synonyms for adjudicate include arbitrate, mediate, referee, and decide. All of these words refer to a person or group of people making a decision or judgment on a disputed matter. Another synonym for adjudicate is litigate, which specifically refers to the process of taking a dispute to court to be settled legally. Other related words and phrases include negotiate, broker, resolve, and reconcile. In short, there are many ways to describe the process of settling a disagreement, but all of these words ultimately refer to the act of adjudication in some form or another.

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Adjudicate is a term used for making a legal judgment or settlement in a dispute or conflict. The antonyms for adjudicate include acquit, absolve, exonerate, pardon, release, and clear. These words indicate an act of freeing or freeing from a sentence or punishment. Adjudicate, on the other hand, refers to the act of passing judgment on legal or judicial issues like a trial or dispute resolution. Acquittal is a verdict of not guilty rendered by a judge, whereas the exonerate means to declare innocent or blameless. Pardon refers to the executive act of forgiving legal penalties associated with offending actions.

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Usage examples for Adjudicate

Similar provisions by statutory The high court can adjudicate enactments of Dominion in cases arising out of the parliament.
"Canada under British Rule 1760-1900"
John G. Bourinot
For, just as pure agnosticism must allow that reason is incompetent to adjudicate a priori for or against Christian miracles, including the Incarnation, so it must further allow that, if they ever took place, reason can have nothing to say against their being all of one piece with causation in general.
"Thoughts on Religion"
George John Romanes
It therefore devolves on us very briefly to adjudicate upon the contending opinions.
"A Candid Examination of Theism"
George John Romanes

Famous quotes with Adjudicate

  • The American people depend on these federal employees to process, investigate, and adjudicate applications for immigration rights and benefits in a timely and thorough manner.
    Joe Baca
  • The U.S. could seek to acquire the moral authority to act as a healing presence in the world. Our role could be to adjudicate disputes, support "all-win" solutions to international problems, and make our resources available to people, groups and governments that were willing to help themselves. ... We could seek to play a catalytic, rather than a dominant, role in the Third World. We could pay more attention to what the poor themselves want. We could concentrate less on funding massive projects, and more on building up the capacity of indigenous institutions to do for themselves. We could pay more attention to the our aid is given. This may be a highly unconventional approach to foreign aid. But it could also be highly popular. It combines the traditional left's emphasis on equity and the traditional right's emphasis on self-help.
    Mark Satin
  • It is useless to try to adjudicate a long-standing animosity by asking who started it or who is the most wrong.we must begin again by trying to imagine our enemies' children who, like our children, are in mortal danger because of enmity that they did not cause.
    Wendell Berry

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