What is another word for pornographic?

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The word "pornographic" is often associated with explicit sexual content that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. Some synonyms for this word include "obscene," "risque," "lewd," "indecent," and "salacious." These words are often used to describe content that is meant to titillate or shock the viewer, rather than to promote healthy sexuality or intimacy. While some people may enjoy pornographic material, it is important to recognize that it can also have negative effects on mental and emotional health. By considering alternative forms of media and entertainment that promote positive values and respect for oneself and others, we can create a more healthy and positive society.

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How to use "Pornographic" in context?

"pornographic" is a term that is often used to describe material that is considered to be sexually explicit or arousing. Other terms that are often used to describe pornographic material include "erotic" and "adult."

Pornography is typically a genre of creative arts that focuses on depictions of sexuality. It can be written or produced in a variety of forms, including movies, magazines, books, paintings, drawings, and photography.

There is no one definition of pornography, and it can often vary from person to person.

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